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  • Continuous Improvement

    Through ISO 9001:2015 certification, SounDigital guarantees commitment to the requirements of customers and stakeholders, constantly seeking the standardization of its processes and services. Always aiming for continuous improvement and searching for technological innovations, without losing focus on quality and reliability.

    Quality policy

    SounDigital, a manufacturer of amplifiers and audio accessories, is committed to meeting the requirements of applicable stakeholders for continuous improvement of the quality management system, focusing its actions on:

    Increase in sales and profitability, with market expansion and innovative solutions;;

    Seek customer satisfaction, through excellent service, according to their requirements;

    Invest in growth opportunities for its employees, improving operational performance;

    Raise the level of quality performance, continuously improving efficiency, optimizing resources and better meeting market demands;

    Achieve maturity in operational administrative processes, meeting the legal requirements associated with our products and services, continuously improving the Management System;

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